Über SEO

Typical search engine optimization as such doesn’t exist anymore. Optimizing meta data or set backlinks has lost it’s importance these days. Today you need to focus on the same target group like Google does: website visitors. Real human beings. That is our expertise where we provide effectiveness.

User oriented SEO…

… so to say Search Experience Optimization is our passion. Effective optimization means for us to automize more than a lot, so you can focus yourself on the smart, individual SEO.  Combined with our consultancy and workshops you will be able easily to optimize your website, blog and even your online shop yourself. This is not just about better rankings in Google but about sustainable success.


Our WordPress Plugin helps you to be significantly more effective with your Online Communication just right where you need it – your CMS. Simple, affordable and extremely strong. No other on page tools are needed.


You want to expand your knowledge about SEO and need hands on advice? We have all the answers to your questions. No matter if it’s during an individual consultancy, a workshop or a seminar.

What once began as a internet agency matured over a decade to what we are today: a SEO software and consulting company. We live foresight and love good design, smart contents and awesome performance.

We are DELUCKS from Germany

Christian Sunderbrink

Christian is our developer and significantly responsible for our software, technical SEO and support.

Severin Lucks

Severin is the head behind the SEO plugin and our consultant. He’s responsible for the concept and marketing.