Successful Search Engine Optimization

With relevant, original and actual content, you not only improve your Google rankings, but also the Quality Score for your Google Ads. With excellent website content, you’ll need less link building effort and a lower advertising budget to compensate. You can also qualify and convert your leads. Then build reputation with your customers. Learn and apply with us this form of sustainable SEO without unnatural optimizations – called Search Experience Optimization.


First, define 1-3 matching keywords per URL to tailor your offers to demand. These can be found at a keyword research. The search volume of each search term helps you to prioritize the creation of new content.

Additionally, run a Content Audit , reducing the number of your existing URLs to the strongest. By removing or revamping bad website content, you can better use Google’s crawl budget – the attention – and push better content.


Think about it for each of your offers – whether product, service or content – what makes it special. Questioning then for the most important search term of a URL – the focus keyword – the concrete expectations of your target group: What information do users expect when they search for the search term? Then, from the keywords, your USPs and the expectations, you’ll be able to formulate your metadata and content.

We recommend that you first write down your texts in a nutshell and individual sections for each buyer persona. Then you or your copywriter goes into the formulation and text optimization. By the way: The average top-10 URL in Google has 1,300 words – so much text.


The communication frequency affects how often the Google crawler analyzes your website. But instead of often publishing thin content and thus wasting the crawl budget of the search engine and boring users, you should better invest in a few and high-quality adviser or blog posts.


Use your blog posts for social media and email marketing. Use Google My Business or marketplaces like Amazon to market selected deals. Because genuine off-page communication and solid advertising are more important today than link-building.

Please actively engage your customers with feedback and build positive online reviews with them. Together with recommendations from journalists and influencers, they represent the most important lever for digital customer acquisition.

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