Successful search engine optimization is based on R.O.A.R.

With relevant, original and actual content you not only improve your SEO and Google rankings, but the entire online marketing. You can attract more customers and build reputation with them.


The most important ranking factor is still content: If your texts and metadata are precisely aligned with the right keywords and expectations of your target audience, your rankings and traffic can develop.

Keywords Snippets Contents Expectations


Unique content and striking design are important to make a lasting impression and less interchangeable. Design your website distinctive and avoid keyword stuffing. Instead, offer real value with your content and be authentic to become a customer magnet.


Recent content affects Google’s indexing speed. Instead of frequently publishing thin content and thus wasting crawl budget of the search engine and boring users, you should better invest in a few high-quality blog posts. They are also the basis for social media and email marketing.


Please actively engage your customers with feedback and build positive online reviews with them. Together with recommendations from journalists and influencers, they represent the most important lever for digital customer acquisition.

Use Google My Business or marketplaces like Amazon to market selected deals. Because genuine off-page communication and solid advertising are more important today than link-building.

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