Website Optimization
& Online Marketing

We lead SMEs, corporations and organizations to measurably better Google rankings and inspiring them for smart online communication since 2006. We think outside the box to win more customers online.


Each project starts with a free SEO check, where we review the rankings and usability of your website. Afterwards, the measures together with which you can achieve your goals are happy to vote together.

In a detailed SEO analysis, we examine the user and search engine friendliness of your website in detail.

We do a keyword research to quantify your potential. The results are compared with your website and the results of the actual analysis. You will then receive a recommendation for action with a concrete website concept.

  • Website and content construction
  • Link, metadata and text optimization
  • Lead generation and conversion optimization
  • Personal Branding
  • Online communication in social media and press
  • Google Ads and other appropriate advertising
  • HR marketing

Success factors

We develop relevant websites by optimizing them for key keywords and user needs. Through creative and unique content, we create originality and reduce the risk of becoming interchangeable. This will not only improve your Google rankings, but also the Google Ads Quality Score. Because with targeted advertising, we build up short-term reach, while the SEO develops medium to long term.

With actual content, we signal to your customers that your company has up-to-date offers and strengthen your brand through online communication. We also use this to increase the conversion rate: First, we build an e-mail distribution list for interested parties, which we then gradually use for all customers as marketing automation. So your blog also serves the reputation building: Online PR, social media marketing, etc.

About us

We provide neutral and transparent advice on all areas of modern search experience and classic search engine optimization. By developing and marketing our own WordPress SEO plugin, we have a special treasure trove of experience.

Severin founded DELUCKS in 2006. The autodidact approached SEO from web design and website development. Outside DELUCKS, Severin has been teaching at the eMBIS Academy, author and expert for various online marketing journals and speakers since 2015.

Christian is managing the programming of our customer projects and tools since 2011. He is responsible for our SEO plugin.

Felix has been developing the UX design of our tools since 2013. He has significantly developed our WordPress theme, which we exclusively offer to our German customers.

Laura has been organizing us since 2019 and is responsible for online communication and content quality assurance.


It usually takes us two weeks to start a new SEO project. When SEO check discovered “rough” technical challenges, we usually start at the same time with the SEO analysis. With the conception, we then define the individual optimization measures and the expected result. These can be implemented in parallel or step by step. After realizing each and every action, you should expect to spend four to nine weeks until it affects your success.

If your site has historically been updated less than four times a year in content or is it a new business, success can take up to six months. We then compensate for the waiting time with Google advertising and can thus also measure faster whether the measures are accepted by your users and the search engine.

To promise concrete rankings would be dubious, because these depend mainly on your communication, the competition and ultimately on the search engines. That is why it is important that as many of the recommended measures as possible are implemented. We’ll use your statistics and tools to show you exactly what’s going to happen.

Yes, we are happy to guide you and your team – even if it is an agency. We are happy to train you / you with our advisor contributions or in the form of an (in-house) seminar in English or in German.

SEO is an ongoing process and not a one-off measure. We are happy to advise you on call, however, we strongly recommend that you stay on the ball and constantly communicate on the web, to control your statistics and to optimize your site. This is not rocket science and only requires some time and / or budget.

Small businesses recommend evaluating the current status and adapting the concept at least once a year. We recommend the SME sector quarterly evaluations. Corporations usually need constant advice.