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We’ll help you increase the number of visitors and customers for your website. We’ll make your company and website competitive on the world’s biggest marketplace: Google. Not by magic, but with organic search engine optimization (or SEO for short). This form of SEO means that we’ll use communicative means to build your reputation on the Internet and sustainably position your company with minimal risk.

Our concepts are the path towards this goal. Good content is the motor, your website’s usability is the steering wheel, and our ‘on-page’ SEO Plugin for WordPress is the turbocharger. Of course, you can drive successfully without our SEO tool and WordPress — but then your engine would be missing the decisive torque. We don’t beat about the bush.

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We want to make SEO more efficient!

We use SEO software to automate everything that’s possible and makes sense. And we do everything else — especially SEO concept development and planning — ourselves with over 15 years of experience.

Concept Development

We develop every SEO concept individually using a variety of tools and different analyses in cooperation with you and your colleagues. For this, we’ll tightly integrate your online marketing into an interdisciplinary context: We’ll optimize your company website and identify the best content to reach more people via email, social media and PR. We’ll involve your customers in the strategy by inspiring and motivating them to become part of your reputation building.

By the way: Our SEO only rarely requires a complete website relaunch. Because most websites already run on the best content management system: WordPress. But even if your website isn’t based on it, that isn’t a deal-breaker, but it makes things a little trickier: We know our way around other systems, but we don’t have our own SEO software for them. On the other hand, relaunches are one of our specialties.


Then you need to develop the actual content and the technical implementation with your team or your agency. They’ll optimize your site using our WordPress SEO Plugin or other third-party SEO tools — depending on how flexible your website is or will be. We’ll show you how easy this is during an in-house workshop or at one of our SEO courses, so you know how to set everything up yourself. Of course, we’re always there to help out and give advice regarding the optimization.

That’s one of the main differences between us as SEO consultants and an SEO agency: We don’t make any money implementing measures, so we only recommend the measures you really need. Everything about us — even our team — is focused on maximum efficiency. But we also see ourselves as an intermediary between management, marketing, IT, sales, and your agency helping you achieve your goals.

Of course, SEO consulting isn’t the only thing we’re good at. If you want and we feel invested in the project, we’re happy to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the on-page optimization of your page and your off-page reputation on the Internet — including link-building. Simple link-building or link-marketing is risky business and can lead to ranking penalties, so we caution against rushing into it. Instead, we recommend sticking to the concept of organic search engine optimization and building links naturally. That may take a little longer and require more effort, but in the mid- to long-term it’s the more cost-effective and promising path to success.


In order to quickly expand your visibility, we help you seed your content. We aren’t advertisers or online marketing generalists, but we know our way around search engine marketing, search engine advertising (mostly using Google AdWords), native advertising, influencer marketing and — depending on your company needs — marketplace optimization.

Just like the search engines themselves, we like statistics and love conversions — i.e. turning visitors into paying customers to generate profit. We regularly analyze your numbers and check for areas where you still have optimization potential, which we compile into a report for you. Our favorite approach is the Pareto principle: We only realize 80% when we first go online, then we use the knowledge gleaned from our analyses to add the extra 20% bit by bit.


SEO Success Factors

We can’t guarantee any top rankings, but we have our formula with which we’re provably very successful:


R stands for measurable relevant content: we detect exactly what your buying personas are searching for and concept the right strategy to reach them.


Originality means that we develop creative, unique and often maverick ways to make people become aware of your brand.


A good online communication and marketing strategy is always based on actual information. We help you with our tools to create it efficiently.


Reputation building is the king’s discipline. We’re not those PR guys but we teach you and your agency how to combine public relations with influencer marketing and link building.

International Customers (Excerpt)

  • ADVEO (Spain)
  • OSRAM (Germany)
  • XL Catlin (USA)

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We’re a small team of online marketing and SEO experts. Since foundation in 2006 by Severin Lucks we think outside the box, to create realisable and efficient search engine optimization. We come from Munich, but the world is our home.

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