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We will give your company and website the competitive edge on the world’s biggest marketplaces: Google, Bing, Facebook & co. Not by magic, but through organic search engine optimization (SEO for short) in combination with content marketing. We will explain to you clearly what we are doing, and show you how you can objectively measure your success:
Better rankings, more visitors, and more leads — that is our goal. And we know the way how to reach that.

Our services: The development of topic-, conversion-, and performance-oriented concepts which can be realized with your budget and setup. We are concept and project designers at heart, but are also proficient in programing and copywriting. However, because your team is the one most familiar with your offerings, and hence also able to communicate them most effectively, we will guide you towards success. We see ourselves not only as content marketing and SEO consultants, but also as partners in your company.

Customers (extract):
  • Audi
  • Adveo
  • FC Bayern
  • Medical Park
  • VDW
  • XL Catlin


DELUCKS was founded in 2006 by Severin Lucks. Since over 10 years we realized hundreds of projects of all sizes. In order to ensure that our SEO is successful and has a lasting effect, we combine it with content marketing. In addition, we have also developed our own formula for success:

R stands for measurably relevant content: We determine exactly what your buyers are looking for and use this information to come up with precisely the right strategy to reach them.
Originality means that we come up with creative and unique methods that may (sometimes) seem unorthodox at first glance in order to get people to notice your brand.
Currency is also a key requirement for your online communication and marketing strategy. Our tools and processes help you to efficiently organize content.
Reputation-building is indispensable. We may not be PR whizzes, but we will show you and your agency (if you have one) how you can combine public relations with influencer marketing and link-building.

By the way: In search engine optimization, there are no top 10 rankings which we as SEO consultants are able to promise, nor are there fixed package prices. This is because both are dependent on your goals, the options available, and the competition. We would be glad to advise you on this personally.


Our goal is to set your project apart from the competition using smart concepts and solutions. A great deal of experience, streamlined processes and our own WordPress SEO Plugin (optional — we also work well with other website editing systems and SEO tools) are our tools for avoiding redundancy and to effectively increase reach.

In addition to content marketing and SEO consulting, we also program and market our own SEO software internationally. With our tool, we not only improve the technical “onpage” optimization, but also use it to assess the interfacing with communications and advertising. This gives us a huge leg up where experience is concerned.


We work in a structured and user-oriented manner. For us, a typical search engine optimization and content marketing process is as follows:

1. Concept development

Every SEO and content marketing project begins with the development of the concept. We develop your SEO concept individually with various analysis approaches in order to achieve a content strategy that is as diversified as possible. Working together with you and your colleagues, we examine various customer-relevant topics to ensure that your online marketing has interdisciplinary relevance: We will optimize your company website and identify the best content for your content marketing, thereby ensuring that you reach even more people via email, social media and PR.

Every SEO and content marketing concept also includes a competitive analysis as well as a competitive intelligence component. Because merely aping what the competition is doing runs the risk of communicating the same information and becoming replaceable, we also integrate creative elements so that your company can set itself apart and develop its own character.

Spin for new ideas with us!
Give the content wheel a spin by dragging on it and carrying out a brainstorming session: What questions do customers frequently have, which can be answered with practical things to know.

2. Onpage optimization

A load time or conversion optimization is usually the first step when implementing our concept. Sometimes, we also need to carry out a website relaunch if the existing or as yet non-existent CMS is unable to keep up with the requirements. Even though we specialize in WordPress, we are also familiar with other CMS systems such as Typo3 and Joomla, as well as with online shop systems such as Shopware, Contao, and Magento.

Ideally, you then work with your team, agency, or copywriter to develop the content. We would be glad to take care of the project management involved. You then optimize the text down to the very last word with the help of our WordPress SEO plugin or external SEO tools — depending on how flexible your online presence is or will be. Upon request, we can also show you and your team during an in-house workshop or at one of our SEO seminars how easy it is to create optimized content that also appears natural.

Of course, SEO and content marketing consulting are not the only things we are good at. If you desire, we would be glad to roll up our sleeves and get to work on the optimization of your website ourselves, including offpage optimization — the building of a reputation on the internet. For us, the central function of offpage optimization is natural link-building. This involves using your communications to create links and hence build a reputation. By the way: We strictly advise against simply purchasing links, i.e. engaging in link marketing, as this may lead to penalties.

3. Offpage optimization

In order to expand your reach, we help you disseminate or seed your content. We may not be advertisers or online marketing all-rounders, but we know our way around search engine marketing, search engine advertising (or SEA for short, usually with Google AdWords), native advertising, influencer marketing and — depending on your company’s needs — marketplace optimization. After all, good content often distributes itself almost automatically — all you have to do is click on one of the share buttons at the top.

Just like the search engines themselves, we like statistics and love conversions — i.e. turning visitors into paying customers to generate profit. Hence, we regularly analyze your numbers and check for areas where there is potential for you to carry out further optimization. You will then receive regular reports from us. Our favorite approach is the Pareto principle: We only realize 80% before first going online, after which we use the knowledge gleaned from our analyses to optimize the remaining 20% step by step.


We’d like to get to know you! We are a small team of online marketing and SEO experts. DELUCKS was founded in 2006. We are based in Germany, but are at home all over the world.

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