SEO Consulting Germany:
Analysis and UX Optimization

We create your website concept and develop tools, with which you can optimize it within the online communication process efficiently. We lead you to success.


SEO used to be optimization purely for Google. Today, instead of simply optimizing metadata, keywords, and backlinks for search engines, the aim is to create search experiences for users. This is because Google, Bing, and other search engines use user signals to determine whether your website is really good, or if it simply contains a few optimized texts. Hence, we see user-oriented SEO as standing for Search Experience Optimization.

We consider SEO to be the king of disciplines in online marketing, as it allows all measures and channels to be related and measured. This is how it works:


People are searching for relevant information on Google. By offering them just that on your website and on selected platforms, we create added value for them. Search engines measure the relevance of the content and the reactions to it. Using this information, they assess the quality of a website in the form of rankings. In order to make content relevant, we analyze the information paths (customer journey) precisely and are able to define down to each individual word what, where, and when content should be published.
Originality is just as important as relevance. This is because everything online which does not have character is replaceable. In order to leave behind a lasting impression on potential clients and employees, a great deal of experience, attention to detail, and creativity are necessary. Really good online texts are generally characterized by eloquence and with. Although this is difficult to measure in advance, your statistics will bear witness to your success.
Accessibility or user-friendliness: The challenge we face is putting the right information in the right place. Clear navigation and menu structures have the highest priority in his regard. In addition, accessibility is also important. It is only when your website loads quickly and possesses the right information density on all devices that your target group will even look at your content.
Reputation helps you connect to others on the internet. Without publicity via mentions and link building, it is difficult to be successful. If this is the case, (additional) compensation via advertising will be necessary. However, in order to not be dependent on large advertising budgets, we carefully consider which top-notch content will be used to popularize your company among journalists and bloggers when building your reputation online. This is because classic PR does not work online, as the press and influencers are flooded with press releases. One other important driving force here is the feedback of your customers, which we are able to capture in a highly efficient manner.


Which measures do I require in order to achieve my online marketing goals? What should my website look like? How do I plan my budget? What do I need to pay attention to for development, advertising, and communication? Which processes and tools do I require and how do I build my team?
Severin Lucks will guide your company towards measurable success with data-driven, future-proof, and creative concepts. He has been an SEO consultant for over 15 years, and has digitalized DELUCKS, turning it from an agency into a consulting and software company.


Severin Lucks founded DELUCKS in 2006 as an internet agency in order to foray into new digital territory for companies. In the first few years, we realized projects for a large number of small- and medium-sized companies. With extraordinary SEO, social media, and inbound marketing campaigns for FC Bayern München and Phantasialand in Brühl, near Cologne, Severin not only became known as the founder of DELUCKS, but also as a speaker.
In 2014, Severin transformed DELUCKS GmbH from an agency into a corporate consulting and software company. Why? Because many processes were similar for different customers, and we were also able to offer ultra low budget solutions using standard software.

In 2015, Severin also became a lecturer for SEO and content marketing at the Bayerische Akademie für Werbung in Munich and at the eMBIS Akademie, with which he has toured through the whole of Germany since then. Since 2016, he has written articles for popular online marketing media such as t3n and PAGE.

The digitalization of personnel-intensive processes and the related international marketing demonstrate Severin’s particular wealth of expert knowledge. His teaching and public communication activities constitute regular training for communicating complex concepts in an easily understandable manner.


In order to integrate SEO into online communications in a practical fashion, we program our own WordPress SEO Plugin. With the help of our tool, you can easily realize the on-page SEO with your agency and the feedback of your customers. So you create more relevant content rather than dull SEO texts, which most of the mainstream tools suggest. And you safe money for own solution development, as we finance our codeing through hundrets of international customers. Furthermore, your profit from our experience plus.

We are currently actively consulting for around 20 medium to large companies. Some of them are:

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