Online marketing from Germany

We love good websites and make sure they are surfed optimally

Our experience has taught us many things, but we still live and learn.
Since 2006 we have been developing recipes for success in online marketing and marketing tools.
We, that is Severin Lucks and his team of developers and copywriters.

The founder of DELUCKS

Severin Lucks started his own business while finishing high school in 2006 to live his hobbies web design, development and online marketing.

In 2014, he and his team launch their own WordPress SEO plugin.

In 2015, he becomes a lecturer at the Bavarian Academy of Advertising and a trainer at the eMBIS Academy.

2021 he starts with webseide our WordPress agency and theme.

Severin attaches great importance to interesting content and good design. Punctuality, reliability and honesty are just as important to him as humor. He thinks and talks quickly, and his attention is correspondingly short when something is boring.