Remarkable Ads

We place online advertising and optimize the conversion rate of websites to reach and convince the right people on the Internet.

We stand for

  • Experience & enthusiasm
  • Precise targeting
  • Certified Google Ads


We increase brand awareness through interest-based advertising on social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, Pinterest, and Spotify), as well as placement on specific websites and YouTube videos


With Google Search Ads and remarketing through display ads, we target people who have specific needs. To do this, we customize assets like demos, webinars, studies, and whitepapers to generate leads.

Personal consultant

Severin Lucks has been marketing businesses online for over 20 years. He not only uses advertising tools for our clients, but also develops and markets our own projects. He understands the setup of analytics as well as tracking tools and speaks German, English, and French. However, actions speak louder than words for him.

Our Ad Process


Analytics check

Checking website statistics for the presence and functioning of event and conversion tracking, taking into account the GDPR.


Planning & setup

Budget planning, coordination of campaign content and alignment. Ad development, landing page setup and marketing automation. Coordination with sales


Ongoing optimization

All campaigns are tested with different ads and landing pages. To do this, we use A/B testing to determine the best variants and mouse tracking to reduce bounce rate.