Can I import settings from Yoast SEO plugin?

Yes I can! Just use our migration assistant to import your settings and meta data.

Just open the dashboard of our SEO Plugin by clicking on the seo link in your WordPress’ admin main menu. Scroll down to the backup- and migration-module:

Then click on Yoast SEO Plugin and start the migration assistant. Choose yourself, if you want to import all settings and meta data or select the information, you really need. Then run the migration process. For the migration you may keep the Yoast plugin activated, but after that you should deactivate it to avoid incompatibilities.

As our plugin is much more extensive than Yoast SEO please check all settings after the migration process was successful. Focus especially on the meta title settings in our plugin and verify, that all titles were migrated correctly. As Yoast uses another principe of creating meta titles, you may have to re-optimize them again.


Please remember to deactivate the Yoast plugin after the migration process, to avoid bugs in your WordPress website.

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