Can I set up the SEO Plugin by myself?

Yes, you can! Just follow our brief tutorial.

You can set up our plugin very easy by yourself. Just follow our step-by-step video tutorials to set up the SEO Plugin perfectly:

For installing the plugin please follow this three easy steps:

  1. Upload the ZIP-file of the plugin, which you can download just after your order, with the upload function of your WordPress website. You find this function under Plugins > Install.
  2. Then paste the purchase key, which you received from codecanyon after your purchase, in the dashboard of our plugin, to activate your license. Therefore just click on the seo link in your menu. After the successful activation all modules will be available for you.
  3. After that we recommend you to install the expert settings of us via the migration tool inside of our SEO plugin. After that, you decide if you want so see all expert settings or just focus on the important stuff for newbies.
  4. Now, you can set up the plugin individually. We recommend you to start with the metadata module. Our coaching videos and tooltips will help you finding the perfect setup.
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