Do I risk my rankings by switching to your SEO plugin?

No. As long you're switching to a better seo plugin than before, you regularly don't risk anything.

As our SEO plugin is much more extensive than all other well known SEO plugins (here is a benchmark comparison), you only risk loosing a less good SEO tool and bad performance ;-). We checked that in tens of scenarios by ourselves and thousands of happy users with our plugin can’t neither err.

Even if you activate the feature for URL Optimization in our Basic SEO Plugin, nothing will change. The reason is that we don’t change or redirect anything existing without permission. The optimization counts only for new posts and posts you change manually.

Additionally, we recommend you three measures to ensure your success:

  1. Import and migrate all data from you past SEO plugin to ours. Here are the tutorials for Yoast and All In One SEO Pack. After the migration is completed, finish it by going through our plugin’s settings.
  2. Avoid to change your website-structure (e.g. hierarchial order of pages) in the same time. This may be done one month later with our plugin, by using redirects in our SEO Suite, but shouldn’t take place in the same time, even if we give you hints in our SEO blog and on twitter, how to improve that. The reason for that is that such major changes should always take place separately, for being able to identify the reasons for success in your monitoring.
  3. So, note the dates of all (major) changes in your analytics and monitoring tools for being able to identify boosters and weakeners. With for example, you can monitor all changes of your source code and be alerted via email, when anything happens. Also monitor the speed of your site, cause it’s getting better. I recommend you to use

If you’re not sure with some setting, follow our video tutorials and contact our support, if you’re a Professional license holder.

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