Does the plugin also work on a sub site?

Sure. You can set up a single Wordpress CMS as like a multi site system.

It doesn’t matter if your website runs on a “normal” domain, a subdomain or a sub folder. Neither matters if you use it on a single website or a multi site system. You only have to respect the rule that one license is always just for one website. In this case, we distinguish between multiple sites – even on the same (sub) domain.

Recommendation for corporate blog usage

If you want to use our SEO software to optimize your corporate blog, you should not just link it in your main websites’ or shops’ menu. In this case we recommend you to show the latest blog posts from WordPress via RSS in your main website or online shop. The best way for that is that you select specific categories feeds which suit to the current contents from your corporate website or shop. This makes your static contents more dynamic and relevant through the actual posts from the blog.

E.g. to show shop customers the latest fashion trends for “Lederhosen” from the blog, you can so implement the rss feed from:

To insert the blog posts in your contents, you then just only need a script, which can show up your WordPress’ blog posts in your corporate website or shop. Here are some solutions recommended ;-).

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