Do I have to change something in my WP theme?

Actually not. But for going safe, please check this!

Regularly, our WP SEO plugin works with all themes for WordPress. But please check after the installation the following points, to play it safe.

Meta title

Please have a look to the source code of your front page (right mouse click > show source code) and check, if the title of your front page is displayed correctly. It should look between the <title> and </title> tag exactly the same as in our plugins’ settings:

<title>Here should be your title</title>

Does the title differs from your settings, please deactivate all SEO functions of your theme and – if you use the professional version of our SEO plugin – also all structured data / / microdata.

Then check the source code of your theme by clicking on Design > Edit in the administration area of your website. Then open the header.php-file in the right column and search the line which begins with the <title>-code. Please change this then into the following code (please make a safety copy before changing that):

<title><?php echo wp_title(); ?></title>

Do you miss the keyword and description field in your WordPress editor, the text optimisation module is probably deactivated. From version 1.3.3 until version 1.4 of our SEO plugin those settings are there. After version 1.4 we moved it back to the metadata module. So please activate the module and try it again.

We also recommend you to deactivate all SEO settings of your theme, as it never can be as extensive as our plugin and sometime blocks important functions. But please check if everything still works perfectly after changing settings, as we can’t guarantee for the quality and functions of themes.

Breadcrumbs (navigation paths) und Sharing Buttons

You might display the Breadcrumbs module and the social sharing buttons via widgets, but sometimes they look better if you position them and style them manually via the source code and CSS. Here you learn, how this works.


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