Certified by Searchmetrics

The Berlin-based software manufacturer Searchmetrics held a SEO certification for the first time in Germany with selected SEO Experts.

Searchmetrics is one of the best SEO tools worldwide. Particularly complex projects such as online stores and corporate portals can be optimized on a very high level for Google & Co. To spread the knowledge Searchmetrics’ technology partners employees got the fantastic chance to take the very first workshops and examinations in Germany on 4th November 2014. As a provider of a SEO plugin – which implements many procedures recommended by Searchmetrics – staff of DELUCKS also got the chance to obtain this quality certificate.

We have sent out our Managing Director Severin Lucks and our Marketing Executive Alexandra Banaszczyk to the workshop in Berlin. Both were awarded with the “Yellow Belt” as well as the “Green Belt” – the top two awards that could be obtained on that day. Now the road is paved to reach out to the highest honour by Searchmetrics, the black belt, in 2015. With our Searchmetrics experts Patric Liebold and Nadine Caspers, who support us regularly on a strategic basis, we have set the goal for the black belt, which is currently not yet available in Germany.

We are delighted about the certification but also about our great overall cooperation with Searchmetrics.


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