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We combine classic search engine optimization with user experience optimization to achieve good Google rankings and natural traffic.

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Excerpt of our customers:

Search Experience Optimization

We optimize digital offerings not only for search engines, but for people. After all, they are the ones our marketing is aimed at. That’s why we avoid keyword-heavy SEO texts and focus on good content. We identify needs, measure reactions, and explain in a clear and demonstrable way what needs to be done for organic growth and website relaunches.

Since many search results are overshadowed by ads and SEO successes usually take a few months to settle down in a measurable way, we extend the classic SEO measures with Google Ads, usability and conversion optimization. In this way, we not only help companies achieve more visibility, but can also derive SEO successes earlier and acquire new customers.

We’re happy to train you and your team on how to best communicate online. We can also conduct content audits together and offer workshops on website relaunch design, Google Ads and marketing tracking.

The indexability of a website is the basis for being found in Google, Bing & Co. We focus on clean programming and usability. In addition, we ensure that all statistics are cleanly set and embedded DSGVO compliant.

To be found in proximity searches, we primarily focus on Google My Business: for this, we ensure consistent information between the business listing and the website and advise on image selection as well as reputation building – the two most important success factors besides a properly maintained My Business listing for local SEO.

For positioning in Germany, we determine the needs of users on the basis of keywords, among other things, and then proceed to editorial planning and implementation of content-related search engine optimization. This also includes the planning of off-page communication in the form of press relations and social media communication.

We can also position companies in English and French. We also understand Spanish and Portuguese and are happy to provide guidance and feedback for their optimization in the respective language.

Since product searches via Google Shopping and marketplaces are mainly populated with advertising, a purely natural SEO strategy in e-commerce has limited prospects. We do perform some optimization measures on product level (especially useful for Amazon SEO and Google Shopping), but the greatest opportunities lie in the optimization of store categories with the help of an advice section and is thus rather to be titled as national or international SEO. In addition, we help with Shopping Ads and Marketplace Ads to become more visible in product searches.

Personal SEO consultant

Severin Lucks has been an “optimist” for 20 years and has been a lecturer and SEO trainer at the eMBIS Academy since 2015.

From his enthusiasm for good design, clean code and smart texts comes his ambition to develop user-friendly and measurably successful websites.

SEO process

We customize all services of our standardized process according to individual needs.

1. Analysis & Monitoring

With the start of the project we set up a dashboard to monitor Google rankings and all important KPI. In addition, we check the technical SEO and user-friendliness of the website to be optimized

2. Website conception

With the help of a keyword research and market analysis, we determine the needs of the users and derive the website structure, the depth of content and the editorial plan.

3. Onpage optimization

We optimize the search engine and user friendliness of websites. To make it easier to create relevant metadata, texts, microdata, etc., we can integrate our WordPress SEO plugin

4. Offpage optimization

Matching the type of offers, geographic focus and target groups, we assist in reputation building on external platforms such as Google My Business and place social as well as Google Ads.


Yes, we are happy to provide you with our SEO guides and tools, with which you can easily implement the content-related search engine optimization yourself.

If you want to go into analysis, conception and technical optimization yourself, we recommend that you not only have a good feeling for content and design, but ideally also a good understanding of web programming and learn the interrelationships in our SEO seminar at the eMBIS Academy.

Since you need a lot of experience for strategic topics, which take time, we offer you our help in the form of a mentoring program: I.e. we develop your concept together and you implement the SEO measures afterwards. We will then help you wherever you need support (e.g. with technical SEO) and compare our findings as we go along.

The biggest risk is false expectations: With serious search engine optimization, there are no ranking promises and SEO is primarily a medium to long-term marketing effort – only if someone has screwed up before can short-term rankings be built

The development of rankings depends on website size and frequency of communication in the past as well as in the future. On average, it takes 3 to 6 months to significantly increase a website’s visibility and traffic

Apart from that, we also point out structural SEO risks: Visibility losses can be associated with domain and URL changes as well as website relaunches and concept changes. Sensibly dosed and implemented, however, we can turn these into opportunities.

Not directly, but we can use SEA as an early indicator of SEO success: Because the Google Ads quality factor – an evaluation of the interaction of website, ad and keyword on a scale of 1 to 10 – helps us to assess the relevance of a website

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