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Content is not only text. Content has to satisfy people.

Free or Premium Theme? Or a Custom Template?

There are thousands of ready-made themes for common content management systems. Whether for WordPress, Joomla, or Typo3 — many of them are look pretty good at first glance. But the devil’s in the detail: Oftentimes, you can’t see right away if the themes are fast functional customizable or not. That’s why

6 Deadly Sins for Relaunching a Website

Planning a website relaunch or (re)design in 2017? To make sure you get the most out of your site in terms of SEO, there are few rules you should follow. Stock Themes and Templates Many websites today are made using pre-built themes or templates. The advantage of this is that

Accelerated Mobile Pages & Facebook Instant Articles – Do I Need It?

Definition First of all, let us clarify what Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP for short) are. This is a technology which — as the name already suggests — primarily serves to accelerate surfing on mobile devices. It aims to make multimedia content and of course advertising available up to 85%

That’s new in version 1.5 of our WordPress SEO Plugin

Important hint: We moved the keyword field back from the text optimization module to the metadata module. Please re-activate it after the update in the metadata module and also clean your browser cache to see the new styles! The update of our WordPress SEO Plugin on version 1.5 is an

WordPress Multilingual: Guide for Internationalization

Contents Chances with multilingual sites The best multi language plugins How to prepare before the installation Setting up WPML Polylang set up The translation process in WordPress 3 final tips for your translation You don’t only speak and understand English and have the resources (time and/or money) to translate your

WordPress RSS Feed Optimization

WordPress was originally a blog system before it transformed to a full-value CMS. So, the heart of each WordPress-based website is a blog, which should be actualized regularly, to make the website perform best. To do so, attract and keep new visitors there are many different possibilities: Rank better in Google’s

How Blogging for Content Marketing Works

The „Content Marketing Report Europe 2016“ published from HubSpot and Smart Insights shows the most popular content marketing forms. The most important form is blogging (75%), followed by digital newsletters or online magazines (66%) and information-graphics (60%). The content is preferably marketed via SEO (51%) and social media platforms (Facebook

Google Ranking Factors – This is how SEO works

Every result from Google is like a “Top-List” of websites. The higher the ranking of your page, the better it is – and the more visitors and potential costumers you can get. Because those who are looking something up in Google have – in the most cases – need for

This is how to optimize website metadata best!

Summary Meta data are the first information, which you site visitors see in Google. They are invisible on your website but the base of your SEO: if their missing or not optimized, you have almost no chance to rank best or pull visitors on your site. But if you care