Long-term successful SEO perfects your website and tailors the appropriate online marketing activities to your goals. From extensive analyzes and with much experience we develop holistic concepts. We will then show you how to implement them efficiently with your team, your agency and our tools.

Severin Lucks

Severin actually founded DELUCKS in 2006 as an internet agency. in 2012 he started to transform the 10 employee agency into a software company. In 2014 we released our own SEO plugin, 2018 an own WordPress theme. Today we are only half the size of the past, but much more efficient. 

Severin is still responsible for the concepts and advice of DELUCKS today. The autodidact has 20 years of experience in conception, design, online communication and advertising. He has been a speaker and lecturer for many years.

Severin Lucks


Our clients include ambitious SMEs from all over the world as well as corporations. A few more familiar ones are:

  • Audi
  • AXA XL
  • Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte
  • FC Bayern München
  • feno
  • Forum Verlag
  • GoingPublic Media
  • Harmonic Drive
  • Igepa
  • Medical Park
  • Sana Kliniken
  • Team Konzept
  • Tickaroo
  • Phantasialand


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