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Measuring online marketing success: KPIs and user signals

There is no doubt that Google rankings, visitors, and conversions are vital online marketing metrics. But without looking at the bounce rate, dwell time, click-through rate, returning visitors, and referred traffic, it is hard to improve on them.

Best practices: One-pagers and holistic websites

Websites filled with URLs and meta data are a thing of the past: The trend is now towards long, comprehensive websites, which promise better Google rankings and longer dwell times. However, they are not without their caveats.

Free or Premium Theme? Or a Custom Template?

Do you want to develop a new website, plan a relaunch or design? Then you need a new theme. But which kind of theme is the perfect match to your needs?

6 Deadly Sins for Relaunching a Website

Planning a website relaunch or (re)design in 2017? To make sure you get the most out of your site in terms of SEO, there are few rules you should follow. Stock Themes and TemplatesFontsSliders and AnimationsStock PhotosMedia FormatsMenus and NavigationSummary Stock Themes and Templates Many websites today are made using pre-built themes or templates. The […]

WordPress RSS Feed Optimization

RSS feeds are often underestimated for getting for reach and keep visitors. Here, I tell you how to optimize your WordPress RSS feed easily.

How Blogging for Content Marketing Works

Blogs are the most popular content marketing form. But how does effective blogging works in times of the content inflation?

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