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DELUCKS SEO Plugin 1.6.1: What’s new

Today, our plugin is all grown up. We packed in a huge number of new functions, developed it to be even more compatible, and raised the price.


The important part first: We introduced our SEO Plugin two years ago at a very reasonable price and are now in turn adapting both the conditions to the market and the functions: From now on, our toolkit costs $60. For comparison:

Plugin DELUCKS Premium Yoast Premium wpSEO Premium All In One SEO Pack Individual SEO Ultimate+
Preis 60,- 79,- 119,99 68,- (instead of 136.00 presently) 49,-

We will stay with the current price model with unique license costs (so-called “lifetime” license). All existing and current licenses will continue to benefit from this. However, we are still investigating changing to a software subscription model (software as a Service, in short: SAAS), in particular in the continued expansion of our tool.


In order for our tool to be translated more flexibly into other languages, we changed a part of the plugin architecture. Language files can now be set in the .mo-/.po format. In addition, all texts were updated in German (formal, informal) and English. We are currently planning translations into the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French

We would be happy if anyone can help us through additional translations and are offering premium licenses in exchange.

We also solved some incompatibilities with other plugins.


We added data migration to imports of metadata from the following plugins so you can switch to our plugin even more easily.

  • wpSEO
  • All In One SEO Pack
  • SEO Ultimate

Importing from Yoast is of course still possible.


It is now possible to insert search terms comma-separated into the content (i.e. in the editing of content). There was still an error in the indexing settings of categories, which we resolved.

Additionally, webmaster verifications for Yandex (Russia) and Baidu (China) can now also be saved in the settings. All webmaster verification codes can now also be entered in long form in addition to the usual short form (consisting of the ID).


You can now deactivate our internal statistics with one click. This is then recommended if you record your statistics using Google Analytics or another tool. This way you can keep your database clean. By the way, there has also been a database clean-up button for quite some time. With its help you can


For better loading time, there is now the option to activate Unicode stars instead of the icon font for rating stars.

After many requests, the evaluation stars are now also displayed in the comment overview and emails. We are not, however, allowing changes to the rating given so as not to undermine the customer’s trust (this was not requested, instead we’re just mentioning it here for your information).

For better styling of the ratings in the theme, we built a so-called wrapper around it.


To improve loading time, the icon font with which the social network icons were displayed is only loaded if icons are also used. If you don’t use icons with the sharing buttons, the icon font is no longer loaded.

We also added the sharing buttons from the following platforms:

  • Skype
  • Vontakte
  • Baidu
  • Weibo

Text optimization

Instead of the frequency per search term, we now represent the percentage share. By doing so, we want to avoid the fact that search terms from WDF*IDF text analysis are entered only by number and without regard for the content length. Because the analysis shouldn’t lead to unnatural content (so-called “Keyword-Stuffing”), but instead to better and more relevant texts.

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