SEO 2015: Pro and Contra Outsourcing

For whom is seo outsourcing appropiate? We show you pros and cons for a seo agency.

Towards the end of the year many companies are questioning whether optimize their website inhouse or outsource it to an agency.

The importance of SEO is almost to every company beyond dispute: since the number of people looking up the yellow pages is comparable small to the ones just googling the topics they need. But nowadays you have to consider whether one has enough in-house staff or cooperate with an external agency. Taking the occasion of the current market study by Linkbird about the current status of SEO agencies we want to give our assistance and clarify whether to outsource your SEO services in the new year or keep it in-house.

The purpose of SEO

The purpose of search engine optimization is pretty simple. Companies generally aim for higher turnovers with this kind of organic marketing. Improvement and sustainability of google rankings are as important as customer acquisition. This goes along with the significance of generating an increase of organic traffic and improving worksflows for search engine optimization. Simultaneously google publishes new updates on a weekly basis and as a result engaging SEO experts becomes essential.

Pro outsourcing

Pondering about hiring external specialists is often based upon the own company size: 31% of all companies simply have not the resources personnel- and financially-related to hire in-house SEOs. On that account expertise is missing in most companies. Beside that internal time famine of the company becomes a very important reason to outsource search engine optimization. Thus external staff is employed especially by small and middle size companies to save upon costs as experts are too expansive for most of them. Apart from that optimization is simply a very important part of a website relaunch so that agencies are asked to supervise the implementations directly knowing which action have to be taken for SEO.

Contra Outsourcing

The most important reason to outsource is that in-house experts make the external SEO agencies redundant. Since agents are often more expensive when they are employed full-time, as its own employees, and the coordination is more complicated with them, the cost factor is defined as the second most important counter-point. Beyond that the fear of questionable benefits or even blackhat measures (which is highly risky SEO) resulting from lack of transparency at many an agencies is a good reason to choose own experts.

An interesting decision point against outsourcing is according to the Linkbird study the emphasis on content marketing instead of SEO. In the survey 13% of the companies decided against external SEO as such. This illustrates that search engine optimization is increasingly becoming an integral part of the communication strategy of the company. But however, this also involves the risk that the companies drop the actual focus on optimization due to sheer content creation and scattering though the real success is content marketing, especially in consideration of search engine-relevant factors.


Whether to decide for or against outsourcing is dependend on the size of the company. SMEs will aspire more to external agencies due to cost, time and expertise compared to corporations and e-commerce companies that can easily afford their own department. Whether you opt for internal or external experts you should always put special emphasis on transparency and monitoring of these measures. If you decide on the in-house solution you should governor the services at regular intervals by an audit and consequently be inspired with new ideas. The same should also be taken into consideration for external SEO agencies. In both cases, however, we recommend to speak with the affected staff and putting forward that this will provide the company more opportunities for improvement and will not be taken as a controlling authority.

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