WDF IDF Optimization

With the WDF IDF method you can optimize your contents word by word.

With the WDF*IDF method you can measure the relevance of your contents to you topic or focus keyword. Actually, it is one of the strongest tools for content SEO.

Logic for the text optimization

In the past you just had to write your keyword in a certain amount into your contents and were able to signalize the search engine some kind of relevance. You maybe remember those strange texts from “old” online shops. Today, this kind of optimization is called “keyword stuffing” and may be ratet like spam from Google.

Today Google wants relevance for its’ users. So, our primary goal is to describe the topic of your keyword as good as possible. Example:

If you want to optimize your website for the keyword “buy a car”, you don’t just write what you offer, you also describe about what you care (services), a customer should take care of, what the best insurance is….

These requirements reflect in significantly longer website texts within the top 10 results in Google: the longer (and relevant) a content is, the higher a website ranks.

Source: serpIQ
Source: serpIQ

This is how WDF*IDF optimization works

  1. First find the best keyword for your content. You can use the suggestions of Google in our SEO plugin to fin the best spelling. Then safe the content as a draft.
  2. Then click in the text optimization module of our plugin on “Google” and search the best competitors for your keyword. I regularly select 2-3 competitors and paste their URLs in the text optimization module within WordPress then. After that, click on “Analyze”. The WDF*IDF function will then crawl your competitors websites.
  3. You’ll receive then a list of important topics for your content. The easiest way is to copy and paste them into your content then, and arrange them below sub headlines.
  4. Now, you start writing. Care about easy to understand sentences, short paragraphs, interesting headlines… and especially your future website visitors. Write what may interest them!
  5. After your text is finished you re-analyze it and check, what you can still improve.

Please care about this at your WDF*IDF optimization

As already mentioned focus on relevant information for your target group. Don’t over optimize your contents and try to avoid filler words.

Very often, the requirements on the text length seems enormous, but just use it as a vague direction. As long as your contents are naturally written, really informative, interesting and maybe smart, you will notice wonders in your search engine’s visibility.

What does WDF*IDF mean?

WDF means “within document frequency” and measures the frequency of relevant words within your content. The WDF result will be compared to the IDF result.

IDF means “inverse document frequency” and measures the amount of relevant words in other website’s contents. The comparison with the WDF values is for receiving more naturally relevant contents.

Stop words like “a, he, she, it, the…” are often be ignored with this method.

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