Severin Lucks

I’m an autodidact and started to approach the search engine optimization with high aesthetic demand. The reason is that by doing this I can not only reach more people on the internet, but I can also make good design and creative ideas measurable.

I founded DELUCKS during my high school in 2006 as a graphic and web design company. At that time it was called SL Custom, referring to a reality show for car tuning on MTV as I am (still) a fan of cars. But in 2008 I changed the name into DELUCKS because I extended our business areas into a holistic digital marketing agency. In 2014 I changed again the core of the company again – but without name change – to a SEO consulting company for several reasons:

  • As an agency you can’t scale very much – with our software I can do so;
  • As an agency you always sell the same just with a different look – that bored me;
  • As a SEO consultant I can show agencies how to improve their websites and stay with “one leg” in the agency business.

This last change was very hard, as I also reduced my team by 2/3. I liked my staff and this decision made me really sad. But today I know it was the best decision in my life as an entrepreneur: Because I becaome more relaxed, more productive, effective and efficient.

Today, my main function at DELUCKS is the SEO conception – on the one hand with our software, on the other hand with the consultancy for many companies. I also work as a consultant for advertising agencies and politicians. All of this resulted in becoming a lecturer at the eMBIS academy, where I share my knowledge about proper search engine optimization.