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In the following, you will find answers and links to the most frequently asked questions. If you have a Premium license with active support, we would also be glad to help you via the form below.

  • Can I set up the plugin without technical knowledge?
    The setup is intuitive and easy, as we display expert settings just optionally. In addition, you can also follow our WordPress SEO tutorial page containing videos.
  • How can I activate the Premium license?
    Enter the purchase code from codecanyon in the dashboard of our SEO plugin. Here is the activation guide.
  • Do I need to modify anything about a theme?
    Generally no, but please check after the plugin setup, if all meta data is being implemented correctly or if your theme blocks them. Then you regularly need to change one line of code to activate the original WordPress meta title calls – our plugin prefers them.
  • Are my rankings at risk if I switch to your SEO plugin?
    No! You can import your meta data and all important settings from other SEO plugins such as Yoast, All In One SEO Pack, wpSEO and SEO Ultimate. Through the plus of functions with our plugin you increase the rankings chances for Google and Bing. After meta data migration please check all settings for optimal setup.
  • Does the plugin also work on a sub-page or a WordPress multisite?
    Certainly. The plugin works on subdomains and multisites. We prepared some recommendations for multisite and subdomain installations here.
  • Do you offer a configuration service?
    Yes, our fees for setting up the plugin start at €199. We can also optimize your entire website and improve loading times. If you are interested, please contact us and provide us with your domain and information on what you would like done. If you want to do major changes in your site like a redesign or content marketing, we can recommend you agencies, who can handle that for you.
  • Are there agency or volume licenses for multiple websites?
    The license you can purchase via codecanyon is valid for 2 domains. Please contact us if you wish to purchase multiple licenses at once. In addition, we also offer agencies an SEO mentoring program: During this program, we will provide active recommendations for optimizing (complex) projects.

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