Breadcrumbs are not only visual help to navigate on your website, they also offer Google structured data to help users to navigate to the best content directly from the search results. In the mobile search results of Google, breadcrumbs play a special rule: they’re displayed instead of the URLs.

The breadcrumbs are the first module of the pro version of our WordPress SEO plugin. You should name your front page best (e.g. company name & branch) and define the prefixes for search results and archives here.

Then paste the breadcrumbs over the WordPress shortcode, PHP code or the WP breadcrumb widget visually in your theme. We recommend you either to position them between the header and content area, or in the footer section.

SEO Tip for navigation paths

We recommend you to show breadcrumbs somewhere in the top of your WordPress website. Especially for desktop users breadcrumbs are very helpful in the top, so they don’t need to scroll to find out, where they are.

For mobile users – especially for those who visit your website via smartphone – you can hide the breadcrumbs via CSS or better position them in the bottom of your website. That allows users to focus directly on your posts’ and pages contents instead of over scrolling secondary information. Please notice that the breadcrumbs are also always there in the source code and so just hide them in the worst case, as Google’s mobile search results often don’t show the domain and urls any more, instead the breadcrumbs are displayed.