Google calculates your website contents’ relevance from internal and external links. You can use our WordPress SEO plugin to define rules for your links, to optimize them automatically.

Duplicate link titles

Always try to avoid the same link text more than once. That’s because if you duplicate the links, Google can’t distinguish different kinds of spellings for them. If you activate the function in our WordPress SEO plugin to give you hints for duplicates, you can avoid those duplicates easier.

External links

Set rules for external links to let them automatically be opened in blank windows / tabs and to disallow Google, to bequeath link value (set “nofollow” links).

This devaluation is recommended to highlight links without real benefit (like links to partner pages or from business directories) and to show Google paid links (e.g. from advertorials / native ads). Those advertorials are paid blog posts which are often used for getting more backlinks. But links, which offer a true benefit, should not be devaluated. So, if you decide for auto nofollow links in WordPress, please specify the post type on which all external links should be devaluated, like portfolio entries or other custom post types. You may also insert exceptions for specific domains like ours ;-)

Tip for optimizing links

Try to insert more than one link in each post and page of your WordPress website to your most important offers with different spellings. For an example, you’ll see in our other module tutorials different spellings of our WordPress SEO software. Of course this doesn’t always work that easy, especially on bigger websites. If the moderators are used to write different link texts you can also deactivate this function.

It’s not always possible to avoid all duplicates – e.g. when translations of posts are in both languages the same. If you’re used to care about that, you may switch off the check for them.