Structured data enriched your metadata with additional value like addresses, author information, ratings, breadcrumbs etc. They make your website more distinctive in Google’s search results and create trust. They’re also important for your local SEO.

Basically, there are two places, where you can set up structured data in your website:

  • Globally, for your whole website through the settings in our plugin. Not only in the structured data module, but also through setting up breadcrumbs and rating stars. Therefore, activate the auto structuring.
  • On each content’s page after activating the manual structuring

Automated structuring

The most important microdata are your address information. If you have a local business should set up for every location of your business a new entry with all relevant information like phone number and opening hours. After haveing activated the structuralizing of locations feature, those contact information will be implemented in the source code of all content types, which you select.

The plugin will then also optimize the blog posts, shop products of those selected content types. The breadcrumbs of your site just like the rating stars will be structured everywhere, as long as their modules are activated and their shortcodes, PHP codes or widgets are being used.

Manual structuring

You can also structure each content of your website manually by selecting which post type is one of the following:

  • Videos: especially for external hosted ones like videos embedded from YouTube
  • Locations: especially recommended, if you have different pages for each location of your business.
  • Creative Work: recommended for every one in the service sector, as all business is based on a good portfolio.
  • Receipes: should by used by blogs about cooking. We’re also testing recipes for other tutorials these days, but are not sure yet if Google cares about that.
  • Events for all future and past dates, so also for photo galleries etc.

After having activated at least one of this options for a specific post type (blog item, page, custom post type), you can edit those information directly on each content’s editor page, below the WYSIWYG editor.

Optimize the way

If you’re not sure if your structured data will be identified correctly by Google, check the “Structured Data Testing Tool“.

Register your business at Google Business to be found better in local search results. If the information there is the same as in your structured data, this will push your website locally. Additionally built reputation actively. That means: ask your customers to rate your business in Google to receive ratings. Those ratings help future customers to decide for your business, as long they’re good.

There are some more structured data, which you can use but are rare. E.g. restaurants, movies, tv shows and books. You can easily write all those information in the same schema in your contents and then use Google’s Data Highlighter, to teach the search engine how to understand your website.