Tutorial for WordPress analytics with the DELUCKS SEO Plugin

Track your visitor numbers and learn, how to improve your WordPress website and contents. Use the statistics widget of our SEO plugin and combine it with Google Analytics.

Statistics Widget

We developed an own user counter with a dashboard statistics widget for WordPress, which cares 100% about data privacy: it doesn’t log any personal information. We just count the amount of all visits there, to offer you a trend analysis.

Why? Because this is the only way to track information without saving cookies or other personal data of your visitors in a WordPress site. In some branches and countries this is necessarily for data privacy.

In our WordPress dashboard widget you can then see all information. You can also select, which users may not see this widget. You don’t need to adapt your data privacy policy, when this function is activated.

External statistics…

… like Google Analytics, Piwik or etracker are much more extensive than ours, but very often need cookie hints and data privacy statements. To implement those statistics you only need to paste their tracking code(s) in the field for external codes in our WordPress SEO plugin.

If you implement Google Analytics, you can anonymize the IP addresses of your visitors by activating the checkbox for that. Then the last numbers of their IP addresses will be removed. You can also track outbound links and downloads by activating the checkbox and learn more about the traffic for other sources.

Exclude from tracking

The function to exclude user groups from tracking helps you to avoid wrong data, which may be tracked if admins or moderators who surf your website unnatural. We recommend you to exclude all user groups except subscribers and customers.

Tip for analytics tools

Avoid to use more than one external statistics program in your WordPress website, because that slows it down too much. And speed is a super important ranking factor for Google SEO.

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