Installation of the DELUCKS SEO Plugin

Install our SEO plugin by visiting the plugins section in the administration menu of your WordPress site. There search for our tool and click on “install now” when you found it. It doesn’t matter if you use the free or the premium version – that will be decided later with (or without) the license key.

Alternatively, you can buy and download our plugin from the market place codecanyon or from and upload it then manually

Download now

Setup of our plugin

Activate your license, migrate data or set up the expert and performance settings in the plugin dashboard.

Activate license

Enter in the field for the license key the “purchase code” from codecanyon for our WordPress SEO plugin and then click on “Activate”.

Envato license key screenshot

Setup, migration and backup

Regularly, our SEO plugin will be installed without any pre-defined settings. If you like to save time or to make it easier, you can click on the green icon besides of the “Master Settings” backup file and install our pre-defined set.

If you manage multiple WordPress websites you can also backup your own master settings and re-upload them for other installations in the migration area.

To start the migration of data from the Yoast SEO plugin, All In One SEO Pack, wpSEO or SEO Ultimate just click of the same called button and follow the data migration wizard. After the migration process is finished, please check all settings in our SEO plugin and then the meta data of your contents, as we can’t import the titles directly, because there they’re safed as separate fields.

Show expert settings

Are you familiar to WordPress and know SEO a little? Then we recommend you to display the expert settings of our plugin. But if you feel like a beginner or don’t want to care about details, hide the expert settings.

We marked all expert settings with a light grey dotted line on the right and explained all of them also in our video tutorials.

Descripción general del tutorial de SEO Metadata Optimization