Create all kinds of sitemaps with the DELUCKS SEO Plugin

Sitemaps are blueprints for your website. With them you can provide Google and Bing a hierarchical list of all your contents: pages, posts and all custom post types. They’re necessary to get all information of your site listed in the search engines.

Standard Sitemap

“Classical sitemaps” contain lists of all those contents, which you select. We recommend you to select all post types for those sitemaps, which you use public. Standard sitemaps are essential for being successful in Google and Bing SEO. Here, you can define with wich priority your content types are inserted in your sitemaps (please try to select each number only once) and set up the frequency, in which you update those contents.

Images sitemap

Activate the sitemap for images, if you show (at least some) own photos on your website. You may also index licensed images in this sitemap, but if all images are also used somewhere else in the world, you won’t have much changes to reach anything with that sitemap, as Google will be able to identify the as duplicate content.

Video Sitemap

The video sitemap should be activated, if you host your videos by yourself via your WordPress media gallery. If you host your videos via YouTube or Vimeo, we recommend you to switch off this feature and use manual structured data for videos instead.

Google News Sitemap

Google News Sitemap is only necessary, if your WordPress blog or news portal is accredited for Google News. Google News is the best traffic source for your WP website, if it contains actual posts to topics, which are very present in the daily news. If your blog isn’t listet there yet, you may submit your site in the Google News Publisher Center. But please care about all requirements there in detail and try it again and again (after having improved your blog), if your application is denied.

Split Sitemaps

Limit the amount of sitemap entries per page to avoid performance problems for Google.

If you have a small website with only a few content pages, limit the amount of entries to 250 per page. An entry could be a page, post, custom post type or whatever ;-). If your website has a bigger amount of contents, we recommend you to leverage the limit step by step until 10.000 entries per sitemap page. The higher the limit and the more entries per page the slower the search engine will be able to index it.

SEO tip for your sitemap

Please submit at least once all activated sitemaps to Google and Bing webmaster tools. For the classical sitemap.xml file it’s ok to submit only that – so don’t wonder why there are such a few links inside: Because the sitemap.xml file ist just an index sitemap, where all sub-sitemaps are linked, which you don’t need to submit additionally.

Check your sitemaps in the Webmaster Tools every 1-2 months to ensure, that all contents of your WordPress website are indexed. For those contents which are not indexed, check if the metadata settings prohibit that (via the “noindex” checkbox activated) or if they’re extensive enough to be worth indexing.

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