Efficient WordPress SEO

Achieve better Google rankings with our WordPress SEO plugin by optimizing more than just metadata: For example, use our custom text analytics to add more relevant content, rather than mislead you from obsolete keyword density metrics.

ø 4,5 ★★★★★ on Codecanyon

ø 4,5 ★★★★★ on WordPress.org

The difference

We have developed our SEO plugin because we have higher standards than the base optimizations of e.g. Yoast, All in One SEO Pack. A professional SEO needs much more than just a few metadata and texts being optimized for single  keywords (although we are also very good ):

If you want to succeed in SEO, you need to provide the right information to your users needs. Because if your page is not individually and thematically optimized, it is quickly interchangeable and is not indexed better than your competitors, who often rely on outdated SEO plugins.

Simply better texts

In order to provide more relevant information instead of overoptimized SEO texts, we have incorporated an individual text analysis in our WordPress SEO plugin.

You can compare your content with those of your competitors and find out in a few clicks, if in relation to your topic (the focus keyword) specific terms should be mentioned in your content that your users and search engines expect.

In the SEO industry we call that principle WDF-IDF-Optimization. Only that we focused our analyzes again and simplified the results. This will give you the exact information you need faster and reduce the risk of being detected  interchangeable or as spam.

Well structured data

To make your page stand out in the search results, you can expand your content with microdata that can then be viewed by Google alongside classic metadata: breadcrumbs, YouTube videos, locations, cooking recipes, events, and job ads.

You can post the rating summary – like any visual function of our plugin – via shortcode anywhere in your WordPress theme. The comments in the content can also be incorporated within the new Gutenberg editor:

Integrated rating system

Extend the commenting feature of WordPress with star ratings through our review module. Not only will your page stand out with stars in Google’s search results, it will also help attract more potential customers from your listings.

You can post the rating result – like any visual function of our plugin – via shortcode anywhere in your WordPress theme. The comments can also be incorporated within the content through the new Gutenberg editor:

  1. The DELUCKS SEO Plugin is super easy to use but can be “extended” also with settings for professional users. However if you’re a beginner or a pro, we explain you every feature in our WordPress SEO tutorial (with videos) and give you there additional practical hints for your Google and Bing search engine optimization. And if you shall have any question, just write us an email and we’ll help you personally
  2. Google Analytics or track success with the internal visitor counter. The stats can then be displayed in a WordPress dashboard widget to those users groups, with whom you want to share your success.
  3. Delucks SEO Plugin is the perfect that comes right out of the box and can be used by anybody with beginner knowledge.
  4. Delucks SEO Plugin is the perfect that comes right out of the box and can be used by anybody with beginner knowledge. It is readily accessible to any user.
    Bashir Ahmed, ProWPBlogger
  5. Very feature-rich solution that allows you to take care of standard, up-to-date and innovative SEO aspects. You will be able to downright leave your competition in the dust with the help of all the robust functionality and intuitive design the plugin has to offer.
    Vitaly, WebDesy

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Individual social sharing

To reach even more people with your content than just via Google, you can incorporate the right sharing buttons from 18 features and social networks. The styling and the name you choose individually and without programming.

Position the social sharing buttons, for example, via WordPress widget in your sidebar or via shortcode directly in the content. Of course, our sharing buttons – like our entire plugin – are GDPR compliant and performance optimized. You can set the social media metadata for the previews in Facebook, Twitter & Co. individually for each content.

Ordinary Statistics

The basis of every WordPress SEO is the measurement of success. Ideally, you measure the rankings with the Google Search Console or with external SEO tools such as SISTRIX. As a SISTRIX user, you can use our interface to display the rankings directly in WordPress. In addition, you combine Search Console with Google Analytics and measure your successes in detail.

Hint: We measure SEO success not only by rankings, but also by the number of visitors and their behavior – the so-called user signals: length of stay, pages / session and bounce rate – and of course their conversions.

If you use Google Analytics or the Google Tag Manager as statistics tracking, you can embed the code via our plugin and host its scripts locally. This makes it easy to optimize PageSpeed ​​and load time.


Our SEO plugin is compatible from WordPress 4.0 and optimized for WordPress 5. Because WordPress offers countless possible combinations of themes, editors and plugins, we not only constantly test different constellations, but also value the best possible support. Of course we also have a few favorites:


  • Avada
  • Divi
  • Enfold
  • BeTheme


  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • Page Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • Visual Columns


  • Contact Form 7
  • Fastest Cache
  • Gravity Forms
  • WPML
  • WooCommerce

We recommend that you concentrate on as few plugins as possible for performance and security reasons. That’s one of the reasons why we developed such a comprehensive 360​° SEO plugin. Please deactivate also all other SEO plugins after you have imported their metadata into our tool.


We have divided the functions of our WordPress SEO plugin into ten modules so that they can be activated as needed. Although all functions are maximally optimized for performance, the deactivation of unneeded functions saves additional charging time.

Meta data

Develop attractive previews for the search results  


Auto submit blueprints of your pages, pictures, news and videos 


Record achievements with our in built statistics or implement Google Analytics 


Encrypt your WordPress via SSL and improve your URL structure 


Help your visitors and search engines to navigate through the hierarchy of your page 


Define automatic rules for outgoing links, such as opening in the new tab 


Extend metadata with information such as opening hours, addresses  or videos 


Expand your comments to get ratings and show the stars in the search results 

Social Sharing

Use the customizable sharing buttons to build reputation in social media 

Text Optimization

Be inspired by our analysis and write more relevant texts 


Our award winning SEO tool costs you less than your web hosting.

Lifetime license $45
6 months support
Future updates


When is the best time for an SEO?

Yesterday ;-). The longer you wait, the stronger your competitors will become. The plugin change usually takes only a few minutes.

Which content optimizes the best when?

The most important page is your homepage. Because here are usually the most visitors and links. That’s why you should optimize their metadata and texts first.

  • As a blogger o online store you should then optimize your categories and complete with the optimization of individual contributions and products.
  • If you offer services or products, you should first optimize your pages before going on categories and posts.

How often should I optimize my content?

SEO is always an ongoing process. After one year at the latest, you should review and, if necessary, revise all the contents of your project: On the one hand, you are checking the rankings and user signals (visitors, length of stay, click rate and bounce rate), on the other hand, you check the information for relevance and relevance (eg if supplements are necessary). If you notice any potential, there’s a need to revise and optimize.

Use the practical reminder function of our SEO plugin and define when you want to be reminded of the optimization of your content. You will then receive the reminder for content to be optimized with a small red info icon in your overviews.

How often should I create new content?

This depends primarily on you and your options: We recommend to communicate less frequently and for higher quality content. Because many mediocre contents rank worse than a few good ones. Also note that you should regularly optimize your content, as recommended in the answer above.

As a rule of thumb, you should optimize one existing content for each new content. 

How can I test the plugin for compatibility with my theme?

It’s best to set up the metadata module of our plugin and then save the settings. Then you open the SISTRIX metadata tool and enter your domain in the URL field. Do you see the entered metadata, our plugin works together with your theme correctly. If not, please check the following options:

  • Is a cache (cache) active and was it emptied after saving our plugin?
  • Are there SEO settings in your theme and have they been disabled?
  • Did you install another SEO plugin and was it deactivated?
  • If these points still do not lead to a solution, please contact oursupport.

Why can not I disable modules and change selections?

Apparently, another plugin, such as formidable, blocks our functions. Since we can not intervene in other tools, you only have to disable the other plugins during setup of ours and then reactivate them.

We are working hard on the compatibility of our tool, but can not influence the code of other solutions if it is incorrectly loaded in unintended locations and generates errors.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us!