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With our SEO Tool you easily optimize your WordPress site, blog or online shop for your visitors, Google and Bing. Super extensive functions, free coaching videos in English and German, multi lingual SEO settings and fast loading times are our plus for your optimal rankings.

Make your search engine optimization more efficient now through our 360° onpage optimization directly in your CMS – external SEO tools not needed any more. Use the free version with all basic features or buy the Professional license with it’s extensive functions.

Free Version

Search engine optimization starts with the focus on the right keywords. Our plugin helps you thanks to the connection to Google’s auto complete API to focus on those keywords, people are really searching for. This makes it easy for you to optimize your meta data. Additionally you can submit all kinds of sitemaps to Google and Bing, use the internal statistics module and get the URL optimization for free.

WordPress SEO Plugin Meta Data Editing

Compare with the Professional Licence All Modules of the free Version

Meta data

In the meta data module you can define basic settings for generation of your titles and description. You can also verify your authorship for the Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Alexa and Pinterest. These settings are important to identify and index your website best in each platform.


Sitemaps are digital construction plans of your site/ shop/ blog. They help search engines to crawl your contents easier. Besides of the classical XML sitemap there exist sitemaps for images, videos and Google news. All kinds of sitemaps can be created automatically and submitted to the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools throughout the sitemap module of our plugin.


You can implement your Google Analytics tracking code in the statistics module. It also works with other tools like Piwick or etracker to measure success of your SEO since winning more users for your website is our main goal. But you can also leave external statistics aways and just use our internal access counters to follow the development of your site. This is recommended to all websites, who act in a delicate data privacy area.


In the URL module you can define so called stop words, which then will be removed from future URLs of your contents. These stop words are expletives like “the” and and”, which regularly just steal important space for important keywords in your URLs. Additionally, you can activate SSL encryption here and add canonical tags to your website. Encryption is also an important ranking factor for Google.

Professional Licence

Besides of the 4 modules of the free version you get additional 6 modules for your professional SEO: It helps you through the text optimization to define correct formats, to implement links in your content and to optimize your context word by word. And if you should once have problems with the setup, our support loves to help you.

WordPress Content SEO Attributes

Price and functions comparison All Modules of the Professional Version


Breadcrumbs or navigation paths help your visitors to find one’s way on your homepage. In our website, you can see them in the footer section. In mobile search results and already sometimes in the desktop search results of Google those breadcrumbs are displayed instead of the URLs. You can configure your breadcrumbs in this module and display them in your site with a widget or short code.


To make you deal as easy with links as possible, you can define rules for external outgoing links here: make all of them being opened in a new tab or devaluate them with a “nofollow”. Additionally you can define exceptions for your partner websites.


Micro data are specific information like star ratings, video or recipe information, which are structured with the schema.org standard. This is necessarily to display this information in the snippets in Google’s search result pages (brief: SERPs). Microdata or structured data makes your website so better visible within other search results and are one of the most important and official ranking factors for Google in 2017.


You know product reviews in Amazon and those rating stars of other websites in Google? Basically all those websites use an extended comment function for that. Our SEO plugin can also combine the WordPress comments of your blog/ shop/ site with those rating stars. So you can let your customers and visitors review your offers, just like we here on this website in the bottom. Actively ask your customers to review your offers and give them with our tool the possibility to do so, without leaving your site or the need to register anywhere. Their user generated content is not only responsible for better distinction in the search results, but also creates additional content value for your site.

Social Sharing

Social Shares are important for your websites reputation. But official social sharing plugins of Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. have 3 problems which regularly make them not recommend of being used:

  1. They break down your site
  2. They also transfer data to the platforms without being clicked (are not compliant with EU data privacy)
  3. They look horrible

With our free style-able social sharing buttons you can answer that. Position them by widget or shortcode in your WordPress theme. Here, you see the sharing buttons in the right bottom corner.

Text Optimization

The module for text optimization helps you to check the correct formats in your copy texts like the hierarchy of your headlines. Additionally it has a so called WDF*IDF analysis included. That helps you to optimize your contents word by word. After a competitors analysis for your focus keyword if suggests you those words, that search engines expect as additionally relevant to rank best and tells you, if you should mention specific words more often. Additionally you can leave internal memos for yourself or other authors here, that you know next time when you want to edit the content, what you had in your mind.


Our SEO Plugin regularly works on all up to date WordPress content management systems. The best way to test that is by installing the free version. But as we can’t test the indefinite possibilites of every plugin with every theme, we recommend you the combination of our WordPress SEO plugin with those solutions:

  • WordPress from version 3.6 (4.7 recommended)
  • PHP from version 5.0 (7.0 recommended)
  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • ManageWP
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WP Rocket
  • WPML
  • Polylang
  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Elementor
  • Visual Composer (e.g. Ronneby Theme)
  • Avia Framework (e.g. Enfold Theme)
  • Avada Theme
  • Divi Theme & Builder
  • Gravity Forms
  • CaptainForm
  • Contact Form 7

You can also import settings and meta data from the Yoast SEO Plugin to our plugin. With Yoast you can also migrate data from the All In One SEO Pack.

FAQ & Support

Subsequent you find answers on the most frequent questions. We also explain you how to set up our plugin best on our tutorial page. Do you own a Professional license with active support, we also help you by email under kontakt@delucks.com.

  • Can I set up the plugin by myself as a rookie? Yes, of course. Just follow our tutorials.
  • How can I activate the professional licence? Just fill in the “Purchase Code” from codecanyon in the dashboard of our SEO plugin. Here is the tutorial for the activation, if needed.
  • Do I have to change something in my theme? Not really, but here are some hints.
  • Can I migrate/ import data from Yoast? Yes, directly via the dashboard of our plugin.
  • Can I migrate data from All In One SEO Pack? Yes, with this detour.
  • Do I risk my good rankings by switching to your SEO plugin? That’s super unlikely but there are exceptions i.e., if the plugin will be installed inaccurate on purpose. More infos here.
  • How can I display breadcrumbs, sharing icons & ratings? Just use the provided WordPress Widgets or short codes.
  • Does the plugin also work on a sub page or multisite? Yes, more infos here.
  • Does the tool work with other SEO plugins? We don’t recommend that to you. More infos on multiple SEO plugins here.


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Text Optimization
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Let’s grow our reach by helping each other. Choose your input and we’ll help you adequately:

  • write about our SEO plugin
  • make constructive improvement proposals (incl. codeing)
  • translate the plugin into a new language
  • do you have another idea? Tell us about it!

Our possible support options for you are:

  • a free professional license
  • SEO consulting
  • active collaboration with projects regarding websites, marketing and communications projects

Send us your ideas with your application to kontakt@delucks.com.

Opinions & Comments

“Very feature-rich solution that allows you to take care of standard, up-to-date and innovative SEO aspects. You will be able to downright leave your competition in the dust with the help of all the robust functionality and intuitive design the plugin has to offer.”
Vitaly, WebDesy

“Great SEO plugin for WordPress. Much preferred (and better priced) than YOAST”
drklrhom on codecanyon

“The WordPress SEO plugin from DELUCKS fills all missing gaps from other seo plugins!”
WooSEO on codecanyon

“It’s [the DELUCKS WordPress SEO Plugin] really easy for user but effective. Especially for non professionals.”
milotze on WordPress

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