Our WordPress SEO Plugin is far from mediocrity

Certainly you can simply optimize your WordPress website or blog with our SEO plugin: Metadata, urls, sitemaps and statistics are available for free in our basic version. But our tool is made to enhance your site for more than just standard WordPress SEO plugins.

Effective SEO

We’re very ambitious search engine optimization experts from Germany, who weren’t satisfied with the well know WordPress SEO plugins. So we developed our own WordPress plugin to make everything better, where Yoast, All In One SEO Pack and all other well known SEO plugins still have great potential:

Our WordPress SEO plugin “made in Germany” is…

  • Integrated in your WordPress communication process and so helps you create and spread awesome contents in the world wide web.
  • … Extensive, with all relevant functions for advanced Google SEO – all these are also explained in English (and German) in our WordPress SEO tutorial with many videos and tips.
  • … Fast, due to modular construction of the SEO plugin and reduced loading time for WordPress: switch off each function which you don’t need.
  • … Safe, according to european data privacy law and very latest findings about search engine optimization for WordPress

Best possible communication

Our WordPress SEO plugin helps you to structure your content on your WordPress site with text optimization module. It is so far the only WordPress (in short: Wp) SEO tool offering integrated WDF*IDF optimization. It enables you to optimize your content precisely by word: it doesn’t matter if it’s a post, page or custom post type of WordPress. Valuable content addressing your target group is one of the most important ranking factors for Google SEO.

WordPress editor with SEO settings

Establishing reputation easier

Use our WordPress SEO plugin also helps you to optimize the RSS feed of your WordPress blog, to pull more readers directly on your site. With the rating module you can additionally offer your visitors to rate your contents or products. If they don’t want to rate your offers directly, you can also quote them and then add rating stars to your contents manually, just like we do below.

Better links in WordPress

Besides the functions for content optimization you can also optimize internal and external links in WordPress. In the link optimization module of our WordPress SEO plugin you can define rules, which e.g. devalue (“nofollow”) external links or make them being opened in new windows automatically. These functions are recommended to improve digital connections for better SEO results.

Opinions on our SEO plugin

This is it, what bloggers and journalists think of our DELUCKS SEO plugin:

Ø 5 von 5 / basierend auf 25 Bewertungen

Very feature-rich solution that allows you to take care of standard, up-to-date and innovative SEO aspects. You will be able to downright leave your competition in the dust with the help of all the robust functionality and intuitive design the plugin has to offer.

Vitaliy Kolos, WebDesy

Great SEO plugin for WordPress. Much preferred (and better priced) than YOAST

drklrhom on codecanyon

The WordPress SEO plugin from DELUCKS fills all missing gaps from other seo plugins!

WooSEO on codecanyon

It’s [the DELUCKS WordPress SEO Plugin] really easy for user but effective. Especially for non professionals.

milotze on WordPress

Social sharing optimization

Add up to 12 sharing buttons – configurable in shape and design – to your WordPress website and make it so easy to share your website. This improves the social signals of your WP website, because it is so convenient your customers will more likely to share your info with their contacts. Like all other visual functions you can place them using the widgets in your WordPress theme.

Every sharing button can be extended with sharing counters to generate group pressure for spreading your contents. You can also set, which functions should be displayed on different devices. This is not only good for Whatsapp sharing, but also for social networks which haven’t a native sharing function on mobile devices like smartphones or tablet pcs.

Data privacy

Neither our social sharing buttons nor the statistics module or other functions of our WordPress SEO plugin need to run external applications. That means as long as you don’t integrate external services like Google Analytics in WordPress, no data will be transmitted to any service without the permit of the users. This makes our WordPress plugin compliant with European data privacy. 

See how social sharing works by recommending our website :-)

Google mobile SERP for DELUCKS WordPress SEO Plugin

Easier navigation and mobile optimization

To offer a better browsing experience you need to simplify the process by using navigation paths. We also call them breadcrumbs like the ones in the fairytale of „Hansel and Gretel“, as they show the visitor the way through the website. Just like your visitor Google also appreciates breadcrumbs. So, they’re not only important for better usability, but also for better WordPress SEO. So, add our WordPress plugins’ navigation paths below the title-area or in the footer section of your WordPress theme and make the navigation easier for your visitors.

By using structured data (so called “microdata” or “microformats”)  you should also emphasize on the most important information about your WordPress website or blog to be displayed in the search results. This includes contact details, ratings, prices and other facts. That provides important information to the inquirer to quickly identify relevant results.

Price, versions and setup

Choose by yourself if you want to install the free basic version of our WordPress SEO plugin or if you accelerate fully your success in WordPress SEO by using the keen premium respectively pro-version. We offer you in 11 modules a bunch of functions for your WordPress website and blog optimization. If you are a SEO professional, you can also display the advanced settings for WordPress SEO fine tuning. You can set set up our WordPress SEO plugin intuitively or follow our tutorial and documentation page, which also includes video tutorials in English for each module. Besides that, our WordPress SEO plugin is also optimized for multi language usage (WPML and Polylang). Regularly, we give you practical tips for your SEO success in our blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

for free

Modules for beginner WordPress SEO:

  • Meta data
  • Sitemaps
  • Statistics
  • URL optimization

Goody: get a 30 day non binding trial of our Professional-SEO-license.

US$ 40,- for 2 websites

All modules of the Basic SEO version plus all relevant functions for advanced WordPress search engine optimization for 2 websites:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Link optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Microdata
  • Ratings
  • Social Sharing
  • Text optimization

Still not sure?

We explain you with pleasure in detail what’s so good with our WordPress plugin: like all WordPress SEO plugins (e.g. Yoast, All In One SEO Pack…) our solution is an onpage SEO tool. That means it runs directly on your WordPress website or WP blog. There are also a bunch of good offpage tools for search engine optimization, but they just can give you recommendations and so you still have to do everything by yourself. So, the advantage of WordPress SEO plugins like ours is, that they help you practically at your Google and Bing optimization. But, no solution – also not our WordPress plugin – can replace your mind and creativity.

Indeed, most of the onpage SEO plugins for WordPress just focus on the technical optimization: there you can set up a meta title and description, auto create sitemaps for all posts and pages, but that’s it. The features of WordPress plugins like Yoast and All In One SEO Pack oft end after technical stuff. They’re often difficult to set up and edit and nearly always really slow. Our WordPress plugin basically works like others, but closes these gaps and we constantly work on improving it:

We started three years ago with the development of our WordPress plugin and regularly publish updates. Of course it’s not as well known as other WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast yet, but this is in the meantime our advantage: as an “underground” plugin which gives you more abilities like other competitors have with other and worse WordPress SEO plugins.

That’s why!

Even if our tool’s much younger than other WordPress SEO plugins, it already counts to the fastest and in the meantime most extensive SEO tools for WordPress. Besides the bunch of great functions for Google optimization it also helps you proverbially at the word-for-word optimization. Of course, it can’t write good contents itself – this is your task – but it suggests you correct formats and words / topics for your article, to make the content be identified as relevant. We call that in our SEO language “holistic optimization”.

That means for your and your WordPress website or blog that you don’t risk anything more or less as with other plugins. That’s why the only mentionable risk in search engine optimization is not the software (as long as it works stable with your WordPress cms), it’s human nature: You have to focus on relevant content, constant communication and best page speed / loading time for your WordPress site. On the contrary to other WordPress SEO plugins our tool also helps you with input for  your text and post realization and additionally supports you at your communication: In particular our plugin is the only one, which also has an integrated social sharing system.

So, you can also reduce the amount of other WordPress plugins with our tool. The more plugins you have installed in WordPress, the slower your WP site or blog becomes and the more unstable and insecure it gets. With our super extensive SEO plugin for WordPress, you can improve that significantly.

“Exactly these extensive function, the flexible individualization and fast performance make our tool the right choice for your WordPress SEO.”

Severin Lucks and Christian Sunderbrink, the heads behind the DELUCKS WordPress SEO Plugin

Any more questions on our WordPress SEO plugin?