WordPress SEO Plugin:
Easy search engine optimization

Achieve better Google rankings with our tool: Define metadata as soon as you add new content, and let yourself be inspired by our text analysis when drafting content.

, tested by thousands, free or premium from $60,-



Develop better content directly in WordPress

Our tool can do almost everything that other SEO plugins can, and even does quite a number of things better: For one, our text analysis below the editor suggests which terms should be included in your text so that it appears more relevant, without requiring additional tools for WDF*IDF analysis. It automatically checks which words you include in the text.

Let your visitors and customers help you

Ideally, you can also let your visitors and customers create user-generated content for you, by letting them comment and rate your offerings. To do so, you can link your WordPress comments to our rating system and ask them for feedback. The content of their opinion is not only worth its weight in gold, but can also highlight your page in Google’s search results with golden stars, thereby setting your website apart from the competition.

Import your metadata from other SEO plugins

Yoast, wpSEO, All In One SEO Pack or SEO Ultimate — the migration of your metadata from other plugins is a breeze. This means that you can benefit from preliminary work with Yoast & similar programs, but are not limited to their features or performance. And if you are unsure how to perform search engine optimization with our plugin: All features of our plugin are explained in German in our video guides.


Because most other WordPress SEO plugins are very slow and cumbersome, we have designed our plugin to provide the best possible loading time. The modular architecture allows you to deactivate all the features you do not require, thereby reducing loading time even further.

Our SEO tool has undergone continuous development since 2014. It is compatible with WordPress version 4.0 and above, and optimized for multilingual installations with the WPML plugin (the Polylang plugin also works, but we find that it is not as good). You can also combine it with countless other plugins and visual editors and/or layout builders (e.g. Visual Composer, Enfold/Avia Framework, Divi/Elegant Themes and Visual Columns for WordPress). Naturally, it is also WooCommerce- and MultiSite-compatible.



Basic optimization for your WordPress blog


Develop appealing previews for the search results using focus keywords 


Submit automatic sitemaps for your websites, images, news, and videos to Google and Bing 


Chart successes with the integrated statistics or e.g. integrate Google Analytics 


Encrypt your WordPress using SSL and improve your URL structure 


Comprehensive SEO for your website, shop, or portal including free features:
$60,- for a lifetime license, up to 2 websites/domains incl. 6 months of support


Help visitors and search engines to navigate the hierarchy of your website 


Define automatic rules for outgoing links, such as “Open in new window” 


Supplement classic metadata with additional information such as opening hours, address information, and videos


Expand your comments with ratings and show the stars in the search results 

Social sharing

Nutze die stylebaren Sharing Buttons, um Reputation in Social Media aufzubauen 

Text optimization

Let yourself be inspired by our analysis software and write more relevant texts 

best seo software of the year

Our plugin is used constantly on over 1,000 blogs, websites, and shops. Furthermore, WordPress and SEO experts review it regularly. What they say about it:


  1. The DELUCKS SEO Plugin is super easy to use but can be “extended” also with settings for professional users. However if you’re a beginner or a pro, we explain you every feature in our WordPress SEO tutorial (with videos) and give you there additional practical hints for your Google and Bing search engine optimization. And if you shall have any question, just write us an email and we’ll help you personally
  2. Google Analytics or track success with the internal visitor counter. The stats can then be displayed in a WordPress dashboard widget to those users groups, with whom you want to share your success.
  3. Delucks SEO Plugin is the perfect that comes right out of the box and can be used by anybody with beginner knowledge. It is readily accessible to any user.
  4. Very feature-rich solution that allows you to take care of standard, up-to-date and innovative SEO aspects. You will be able to downright leave your competition in the dust with the help of all the robust functionality and intuitive design the plugin has to offer.

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