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WordPress SEO Plugin:
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Optimize your content in no time with our WordPress SEO plugin. The only onpage SEO tool with quick optimization, real text analysis and star ratings helps you to be found better in Google. Start your new project now or optimize your existing website after importing your meta data from Yoast, wpSEO and All In One SEO Pack.


✓ Extensive functions

Optimize your content — keywords, metadata, texts and structured data — completely with our WordPress SEO plugin. No need for external tools for search engine optimization.

✓ Quick optimization

With the quick optimization you can optimize your content in no time even from the overviews of your WordPress CMS and track your rankings through our SISTRIX API.

✓ Easy setup

With our setup wizard you can start from scretch easily or import your existing metadata from Yoast, wpSEO, All In One SEO Pack or SEO Ultimate with a few clicks.

Snippet optimization

Through a combination of keyword-optimized meta-titles and descriptions with breadcrumbs, stars and FAQ you achieve optimal visibility in Google.


Extend the comment function of WordPress with our rating stars, so that your offers with stars can stand out in Google. The comments can be displayed directly in your content using the Gutenberg Block Editor:


  1. The DELUCKS SEO Plugin is super easy to use but can be “extended” also with settings for professional users. However if you’re a beginner or a pro, we explain you every feature in our WordPress SEO tutorial (with videos) and give you there additional practical hints for your Google and Bing search engine optimization. And if you shall have any question, just write us an email and we’ll help you personally
  2. Google Analytics or track success with the internal visitor counter. The stats can then be displayed in a WordPress dashboard widget to those users groups, with whom you want to share your success.
  3. Delucks SEO Plugin is the perfect that comes right out of the box and can be used by anybody with beginner knowledge.

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Text optimization

The icing on the cake of your SEO are relevant texts. We have integrated a “WDF*IDF analysis” into our WordPress SEO plugin to compare your content with your competitors. You will then receive a list of terms with which you can supplement your texts and make them even more relevant.

Modules & Functions

All modules of our WordPress SEO Plugin can be activated individually.


Optimize previews in search engines with the right keywords


Website construction plans make it easier to crawl your site


Integration of Google Analytics and import of SISTRIX rankings


SSL encryption and URL cleaning of irrelevant filler words


Show search engines and users where they are


Validate outgoing links automatically and open them in the new browser tab


Highlight additional information like FAQ and jobs in Google search results


Extension of the comment function with star ratings for better click rates


DSGVO-compliant buttons for sharing content in social media, via mail etc.


Insert pages into RSS feeds and write SEO texts with WDF*IDF analysis

Individual metadata and indexing settings
Several keywords definable
Google Suggest
Quick optimization
XML sitemap
Image sitemap
Video sitemap
Google News sitemap
CCPA and GDPR compliant analytics integration
SSL encryption
Stop word removal
Redirect manager Planned
Individually adjustable
PHP code for embedding
WordPress widget for embedding
For WooCommerce
Automatically set outgoing link to nofollow
Open outgoing links in new tab
Page wide definable
Definable for each content
Business data
Personal data
FAQ Planned
Rating function
Structured data
Widget for evaluation results
Social Sharing
Social media metadata (Open Graph)
Social sharing buttons
Text Optimization
Text checking according to keywords
Text analysis by context (WDF*IDF)
RSS settings
Import function

Prices & variants


Basic search engine optimization for small blogs and one-page websites

  • Metadata
  • Sitemaps
  • Statistics
  • URLs



Extensive SEO with all the features of the free version and email support plus:

  • Metadata
  • Sitemaps
  • Statistics
  • URLs
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Links
  • Microdata
  • Ratings
  • Social Sharing
  • Text Optimization


per year plus VAT for unlimited websites with 30-day money-back guarantee

Our excellent WordPress SEO plugin costs you less than your web hosting. We are constantly developing it since release 2014 to make it the best SEO plugin in the world.

FAQ & support

We recommend the Block Editor (also known as Gutenberg Editor), which was introduced with WordPress 5.0. It is very easy to use and has a very search engine friendly source code structure. Our WordPress SEO Plugin also works with Elementor, Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), Thrive Architect, Visual Columns and Advanced Custom Fields.

The best thing to do is to use an individual theme, which is developed exactly for your use. With Websei.de we also offer our own free WordPress SEO Theme, which is easy to customize and fast. But premium themes like Avada, Divi or Enfold also work. Important: The more extensive your theme and design, the more focus you should put on a PageSpeed optimization.

Quite normal :-) You can also use it to optimize categories, keywords and of course CPTs. It also offers you rules for indexing them in the metadata. A few tips on taxonomies: Define the appropriate keywords for them as well and add short introductions there. At the same time, reduce your categories, keywords, etc. to the minimum – we do not use keywords on our website and only have four categories in our blog.

We sell the licenses via digistore24. You will be redirected there by selecting a license and can pay by PayPal or credit card.

After purchase, you will receive the license key and will be redirected to the installation guide.

After one year the subscription will automatically be renewed. You can cancel it at any time.

You can still use our SEO plugin, but it will be reduced to the free version modules after the subscription has expired: metadata, sitemaps, statistics, and URLs. Your content optimization – SEO texts in the broader sense – will of course be preserved.

Yes, you will receive 25% commission on successful sales through your referral. You can register here.

2.4.6 on 21st of June 2021

  • Meta description strip shortcode bugfix 
  • Changed meta description fallback
  • Sharing > Pinterest bugfix

2.4.5 on 17th of Mai 2021

= 2.4.5 =

  • Bugfix migration wizard
  • Stricter meta title limits
  • Added shortcode filter for automatic meta descriptions
  • WordPress standard sitemap disabled when our (more extensive) sitemap is enabled
  • Added custom XML extension for sitemaps (e.g. to embed podcasts)
  • Optimization of rating microdata


  • Fixed a wizard bug
  • Added a SEO Popup button in Gutenberg fullscreen mode


  • Added lost stylesheet


  • Visual optimization of microdata editing
  • Bugfixes for setup wizard


  • Removed language files to use GlotPress


  • Post categories output in sitemaps changed to posttype post only


  • Post categories have been added to the xml post-sitemap


  • Added new option to display sharing buttons for certain post types
  • Minor bug fixes

2.3.7 non-public development version


  • Code improvements
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Code improvements
  • Added some removable actions for metadata and social sharing tag output


  • Visual dashboard and settings page optimization
  • Clean sharing button visualization in front and back end
  • Code optimizations


  • Modal: Design cleanup
  • Microdata: Structural optimization plus new Schema.org information for FAQ
  • Dashboard: New with Installation wizard
  • Settings: Design cleanup
  • Premium / Sharing: frontend and backend design cleanup


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Many code improvements that contribute to the security of your system
  • 3rd party components have been updated
  • Unused codes have been removed
  • Preparations for the next big update
  • The wordpress team asked us to leave the error reporting untouched. If any warnings or errors are reported after the update, disable the debug output within your server settings or in the wp-config.php or look at the components that generate these messages.


  • Important update: A security issue has been fixed. Please update as soon as possible


  • Small bugfix in the rating module


  • New options for setting the comment block in the Gutenberg editor
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Errors with Elementor have been fixed.


  • Added code to the breadcrumb module to treat the Woocommerce shop page as a regular page.
  • Backend comments answering function now also possible with activated privacy mode.
  • An error in the Gutenberg block of the evaluation module for the display of comments inline has been fixed.
  • An error in the “Share> More” button when using in a widget has been fixed.


  • Syntax error in the microdata fixed.

You can find the entire changelog in the WordPress repository.

We are currently preparing new APIs to external analysis and review tools. We’re planning to roll them out in middle or late 2020.

If you have ideas or wishes, please send them to us.

More questions?