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With our all-in-one SEO tool, you can make good content even more relevant: Achieve better Google rankings through optimized metadata, texts, and ratings. This helps you gain more visitors to your WP project.

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Our Plugin is extensive, in English and easy to use

Choose by yourself, whether you use the reduced and free version, or, if you want to have all expert settings and use the premium version. Besides the huge amount of functions, which we explain you below, our tool is also: Easy professional WordPress SEO Fast & responsive

Our tool is developed to reach best PageSpeed. You can turn off individual modules of our SEO tool if you do not require them. This saves additional loading time. In order to exploit the full potential, we also recommend that you carry out a performance optimization. All visual features (breadcrumbs, social sharing buttons and ratings) are optimized for mobile devices with a responsive design.

With import from Yoast

You can import all or specific settings and meta data from the Yoast SEO plugin directly to our tool.

A migration from from All In One SEO Pack is actually just possible via Yoast as detour.

Multilingual and in English

Optimize your website in one or more languages to reach foreign markets, tourists, or expats. All information is translated and multi language compatible – just like our (video) tutorials.

The multi or bilingual optimization also helps you to reach users in your country who perform searches in other languages (e.g. in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian) are often underestimated. Hence, use our tool to tap into thriving low-competition markets through international content. Naturally, you can also use our SEO tool in just one language and for local SEO: With structured data and ratings, it’s a piece of cake

Compatible to almost all plugins and themes

Our plugin generally works with all themes and other plugins — but we do not recommend additional WordPress SEO plugins: That is because our tool includes all important functions and additional tools would simply slow down your website unnecessarily.

Every update of our SEO tool is being tested on many different blogs, websites and shops. However, if you find a bug, please report it to us! We take care about bugs as soon as possible.

Support: Do you have questions or need help? Visit our support page. If you own a premium license, we also help you personally.


Metadata optimization

Search engine optimization begins with focusing on the right search terms, called keywords. Our SEO plugin is linked to Google’s autocomplete interface, such that when entering keywords, you focus on those that are being searched for.

By mentioning the keyword in the meta data and your contents, you optimize the snippet of your website in the search results (“serps” for short).

You can define meta data rules for every post type and language of your website and make indexation settings in the module management.

WWordPress SEO Plugin Metadata Optimization
The most important keyword is marked in blue for better focus.

Other modules of the “free” version:


Sitemaps are digital blueprints of your website/shop/blog. They make it possible for your URLs and content to be discovered more quickly by search engines. In addition to the classic XML sitemap, there are also sitemaps for images, videos, and Google News. All types of sitemaps can automatically be generated using the sitemap module of our plugin and submitted in the Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.


In the statistics module, you can enter both Google Analytics and other tracking codes such as Piwick or etracker so that you can measure the success of your SEO and other online marketing activities such as AdWords. After all, we are not only aiming for top rankings, but above all to reach more users and increase the traffic of your WordPress website. However, you can also leave out external statistics tools and use the integrated hit statistics of our plugin. If you do so, the clearly laid out dashboard widget allows you to view the number of hits for your website immediately after logging in to it. This is particularly important if you are not allowed to collect any external user-dependent statistics due to data privacy concerns.


In the URL module, you can define stopwords which will then be removed from future permalinks to your content. These stopwords are filler words such as “the, a, an”, which would otherwise simply waste precious space for search terms in the internal links of your website. Furthermore, you can also activate SSL encryption for your website here. Encryption is not only a Google ranking factor, but also important in order to avoid receiving legal warnings. This is because unencrypted websites which transmit user information without https are insecure, and hence negligent or even prohibited.


Text optimization

Relevant information is the engine of every SEO: You can have the best copy texts but without mentioning the right words, search engines try hard to identify them as relevant for your keywords top 10 rankings.

The module for the text optimization includes what is called a WDF*IDF analysis. This analysis helps you to optimize your texts down to the last word. After a competitive analysis, it recommends keywords which should also appear in your text so that Google will rate it as being even more relevant. The text or relevance optimization also checks if you have already mentioned the “should” keywords.

The module for text optimization contains a website analysis feature which checks if e.g. your headlines are correctly formatted. Correct formats (the so called semantic optimization) and link juice optimization are also important for relevant contexts.

WordPress SEO Plugin Context Optimization

Information such as event information, contact data or videos is also shown in the Google search results (serps) next to the metadata in your website snippet (i.e. preview). You can easily structure this microdata according to the Schema.org standard with our plugin. This allows you to optimize your YouTube videos in no time at all via the integrated interface. By doing so, you set your website, blog, or online shop apart from the competition in the Google serps — all without any programming knowledge. By the way, structured data is one of the most important official Google ranking factors in 2017.


Social SEO

Share buttons help you to build reach in social media. However, the official sharing plugins from Facebook, Twitter, Google & co. are unusable, as they are slow and transmit personal information without your visitors’ consent. Our social sharing buttons are performance-optimized and designed with German data privacy regulations in mind. There are over 10 different social networks which you can enter, give custom names to, and display on desktops and/or mobile devices. We have chosen the following ones.

The sharing module inserts the open graph meta data (meta og for short) which is important for Facebook, Twitter & co. into the source text of your page so that it is displayed optimally when shared on social media. For this purpose, you can define a global sharing preview image, or automatically use the posting image of all content. Furthermore, your Facebook page and Twitter channel can also be integrated, such that reactions to your website are linked to your social media channels.

Rating system

Apart from microdata which you have structured yourself, you can also involve your readers or customers. To do so, simply link our rating system with the WordPress comments with just one click to offer article, performance, or product ratings similar to those on Amazon, Zalando, or eBay. This makes you more independent of other marketplaces, rating portals, and Google Maps.

In addition to the excellent ratings on WordPress.org and codecanyon, we can e.g. also display our ratings here:


For each new website, you will receive the Premium version for 30 days for free. Simply download it and activate the test version in the dashboard of our plugin.
Free SEO Plugin Premium Licence
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Social Sharing
Text Optimization
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Besides WordPress.org and codecanyon you also find here opinions on our WordPress SEO Plugin. Do you have any questions or feedback to us? Write it in the comments!

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